1700s Rare Old English Apples are back!

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GET THEM BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!! The Hive Honey Shop have an orchard of rare old English apple trees that produce the most amazing tasting apples. Our Surrey Orchard has over 88 different apple varieties ranging from ones discovered in 1520, 1700s, 1800s 1900s. Every colour and size imaginable. There has been a furry of interest from locals and now the word has spread. “We are getting people traveling from a far just to have the change to taste a bit of real ENGLISH history”, says Chris of The Hive Honey Shop.
“We pick the apples by hand every few days, and then only the best ripe ones. The pavement outside the shop is overflowing with tubs of fresh apples. It’s amazing the customer reaction. They thank us for keeping these varieties alive and giving them the opportunity for their friends and family to try them. Today we had one women buy 100 apples for her daughters wedding. Each wedding guest will have one of our rare English apples set before them at the evening reception dinner. Great idea. We are proud that we will be there in spirit on the bride and grooms special day.”
“We have early middle and late varieties “, says James head beekeeper. “So we should be able to pick fresh right up to late October. The word has spread to local restaurants and hotels who have sent their produce managers down to The Hive Honey Shop to see what all the fuss is about and walk away with placed orders.
Julie, store sales manager tells, “The road outside the shop is really scented by those apples.You can smell the aroma well before to see them.  You just don’t get the smell, taste or texture with apples in the supermarkets anymore. The standard pulp taste from supermarket apples are such a disappointment and at only £2.00 a kilo customers do come back“
So take advantage of the Apple Fest and get down to The Hive Honey Shop before you miss out. Some ideas for the apples are:
1 Use the tiny pippin apples for Sugar Toffee Apples
2 Core, peel and blanch for 2 mins in hot water. Freeze. Keeps for 1 year.
3 Apple Sauce- great with pork

photo copyright 2013 ©-The Hive Honey Shop