2010 Bees are alive and well, with the same queen!

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On 8 Feb 2012, at 11:24, Iain wrote:


Hi James,

I am pleased to say that the bees that you sold me back in the spring of 2010 are alive and well, with the same queen!
Just thought you might like to know.
All the best

Hi Iain

Great to hear- no doubt due to your compassionate beekeeping! Well done! 
Funny, normally when I hear back from beekeepers who I sold bees, they fall into two categories:
1- If they are alive and well-they blame themselves.
2- If they die -they blame me!
LOL- Good job! Make sure they have bee fondant over the coverboard holes now. It’s a nice insurance if they need a bit of extra food then it’s there for them. 
Best wishes for a Healthy 2012 Beekeeping Season!
Kind regards
James & his bees