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Just out yesterday picking apples in the sunshine! Wow what a great day! Picked another 10 apple varieties from the 80 we have. Can’t describe the feeling of biting into a rare apple, say a PitmasonsPineapple, tiny apple that tastes like a pear/pineapple. Then a strawberry/loganberry taste of the Bloody Ploughman and on and on…

The apple trees were planted as a food source for the bees on site. Now 15 years later the fruit is amazing. Of course the apple blossom pollen and honey is fantastic too.

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Bev Hulley said…
Thank you for such an informative (and entertaining) blog.In regards to your apple orchard for your bees, how do you avoid harming your bees when spraying your apples for coddling moth? Sorry if this is a silly question but I suppose that I’m hoping that you some safer alternatives in Britian that we don’t know about in Canada. Again thanks so much!