Bee Feeder- The solution just pours out!

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I bought, last week a plastic bee feeder, from your shop.
I was told to put in the cooled sugar solution and then close the lid and place the container upside down near the area the bees were feeding.
The solution just pours out!

Have I misunderstood ?

Mike Nathan

At The Hive Honey Shop we get this question quite often. Here’s the answer again.
After you make your sugar solution (1 kilo cane sugar to 1 liter water. Mix until crystal clear. If its cloudy it will clog the feeder mesh). Pour the solution into your feeder bucket. Now have another empty bucket ready. Put two pieces of wood slats on top of the empty bucket. Invert the feeder over the empty bucket and balance the feeder on top of the wood slats. The syrup in the feeder will drip for a few seconds until a vacuum occurs within the feeder, the syrup will stop dripping. The fine mesh of the feeder is tiny enough to contain the syrup, yet allow the bees to suck it through from the mesh. Don’t invert it without a bucket as any spills near or around your hive will attract wasps and other bees to come and attack your hive. Have a look at our photo. Hope that helps!
The Hive Honey shop

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