Bumblebee Rescue Service

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Did you know that The Hive Honey Shop run a Bumblebee Rescue Service throughout the southwest! Its true. We have 20 years experience of carefully handling the difficult removal of bees from just about any area of a property. We have been inundated with calls to remove bumblebees from weird and wonderful places. So far this year alone has seen us carefully removing bees from compost bins, inner walls of flats, bedroom ceilings, under sheds and of course in the open ground (under a ton of buried rubble).

This is a dangerous, highly skill job and should not be attempted by the untrained. Common question is do bumblebees sting– answer YES! They have to be provoked to do so and disturbing their nest is most definitely seen by them as provoking. Bumblebees are seriously under threat and should never be harmed. Their numbers are disappearing at an alarming rate.
The Hive will carefully locate the nest and remove it without harming the bees or the nest. Then the nest is rehoused out to the countryside where they can happily live out the rest of their lives in peace.

If you find a nest call The Hive Honey Shop to book a removal.

photo copyright 2009 ©-The Hive Honey Shop