Colony of honey bees have moved into the wall cavity

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I live in Sheffield and a colony of honey bees have moved into the wall cavity by the bedroom window. I would like to move them without killing them.Any ideas please?

I enjoyed Jack Watkins’ article in the Telegraph and would to call into your shop in Clapham sometime soon.

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Hi Chris

The bees can be removed without harm, but in a case like this it will require a bit of building construction work. The best way is to get a local beekeeper and a builder together. The builder will need to remove a part of the inner wall to expose the bees nest. The beekeeper will be able to get at the bees and remove them and clean out the honey and beeswax. The bees can then be taken away without any harm to them. We do this kind of removal all the time. If you were near us we could have helped you this time. All bees can be removed without any harm to them as long as you are committed to doing the ground work.
Hope that helps.
Subject:  RE: Bees in a wall
Date:  6 June 2010 23:13:21 BST
Thanks John
I will find a local bee keeper to have a look at the nest and go on from there.

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