HONEY FOR HAYFEVER- We are on ITV Tonight!!

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Martin Stew of ITV News London contacted The Hive Honey Shop after he heard we produce a special honey to help people with Hayfever. He was intrigued as to how it works and how it was made. So we invited Martin to visits The Hive Honey Shop to look around and chat with customers.

While Martin was here several people popped in the shop to stock up on HayfeGUARD® Local Honey and related just how well it had worked for them and their children. Martin just emailed us that the piece will appear tonight on ITV at 6:20pm.
I hope we helped to explain how local honey, containing raw local pollen has helped hundreds over the last 20 years we have been making it. Martin was a delight to speak to and we think even he will now consider the virtues of raw unpasturised honey in the future!
Have a watch tonight. Our bees will be thrilled!