5 frame Buckfast Nuclei ( live starter honeybee colony) friendly bees


NUCS AVAILABLE for pick up now!, BUY YOURS NOW limited stocks!

Nuclei- A small bee family (beekeepers call them a “Nuc”) Supplied on 5 National Frames covered with bees Contains: *1 x Laying Buckfast Queen * Brood in all stages of development * Honey and pollen We are taking orders now for nucleus colonies ready from early May through to the end of June. Orders are supplied on a first come first served basis. We strongly recommend you order early due to the limited supply and high demand.

You need to pay now and we will nurture a bee colony in your name ready for you to collect in May/June. The pick up is from our breeder apiary site near Banstead Surrey, KT20 . Your colony comes with a neat travel box included in the price.

Just to let you know. On pick up you will bring your protective beesuit, gloves etc. as we will open your nuc, examine all the frames for healthy brood, eggs, open & sealed brood and a lovely marked Queen. Once satisfied with the nuc you will sign our LIVE BEE COLONY CONTRACT RELEASE FORM and you are free to take them away to their new home.

Note: One you place your orders its final and no refunds can be issued as we make each nuc bespoke per order.The photo shows frames with plastic spacers- but they will be Hoffman self spacing supplied.

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