Adopt A Beehive-Help British bees with your support

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Included with the adoption package is a special 340g jar of Local British Wildflower Honey from the apiary you are supporting and a wooden honey dipper to help you enjoy it straight from the jar! You will also receive a digital PDF Certificate of Adoption personalised with the full name of the recipient. Please make sure to email the full name you want to appear on the Certificate of Adoption which will be emailed to you.

Your Adoption support is valid for one year.

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Adopt a beehive here to help prevent the decline of our British honeybees. By adopting a beehive your assistants helps honeybees without having to becoming a beekeeper yourself. This ensures the welfare to not only weakened colonies due to recent storm disasters, but helps us to build homes for homeless bees displaced with nowhere to go.

•By adopting a beehive you provide beekeepers with necessary funds to keep their apiary running.

•Get Local Fresh Honey.  Included in the adoption package is a special 340g jar of Local British Wildflower honey from the apiary you are supporting, wooden honey dipper and personalised Certificate of Adoption!

•Adopting a beehive makes a great gift for bee lovers and anyone wanting to help our wildlife.  Having a beehive adopted in their name will be a terrific surprise gift for many people.

•Help supplement vital pollination. 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat is a result of pollination. When you adopt a beehive you are helping to increase pollination which in turn sustains our eco-system.

5 reviews for Adopt A Beehive-Help British bees with your support

  1. hivehoneyshop

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  2. Steven Bayer

    GREAT IDEA. Wanted to get my brother a bday gift but he has everything he needs. This will really suit him as he’s an avid campaigner for animal rights. Good work guys!!

  3. Don & Helen

    Purchased this as an anniversary gift. Will be perfect. Thank you and continue your marvellous work!

  4. ryan piccard

    GRANDADS XMAS PRESENT SORTED!! Always wanted to keep bees and thinking of it for 2024 maybe.

  5. Patricia Storey

    In times like these where one has everything, it feels so good to do something that everyone will benefit from. Bees are our life line to keep pollination going, and supporting beekeepers to keep these important creatures well looked after, is a win all around. Thank you bees and beekeepers 🐝

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