Offer-Sweet Chestnut Honey

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Hungarian Chestnut Honey is a runny, dark in colour, with a very full rounded fig like flavour. Perfect over yogurt, hot cereal, puddings, cooking with or in teas and coffees.  Limited. NOT Pasteurised NOT micro filtered! NO added water, NO added sugars! Just PURE 100% honeybee nectar.
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We are so please to have this Award Winning raw honey now part of our international honey section.  Hungarian honey is renown for authentic superior quality and wholesome health-giving properties. We have 7 Hungarian single nectar honeys for you to choose from at present. These limited single floral nectars are not naturally abundant to the UK landscape so we scouted the world and were rewarded with a limited amount of each.  Try them before they are gone!

3 reviews for Offer-Sweet Chestnut Honey

  1. hivehoneyshop

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  2. Jennifer

    Remarkable honey.

    Can’t get enough. Quick service excellence after sales care. Can’t be faulted.

  3. Bellb

    Left review for the amazing Hawthorn honey and this one is ever better. Will recommend to family and friends.

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