Super Bee Bag


Designed by The Hive Honey Shop, this super large bag is designed to keep your supers protected from wax moth, wasps, mice and honey mess. Great during honey harvest time. Just place full honey boxes inside while waiting to extract. Keeps the honey and propolis mess contained. The bag can be washed once used then air dry to use again.

Award winning design- Voted First Prize at the UK National Honey Show. Limited stock

Due to bee diseases and Covid-19 no beekeeping equipment can be returned once dispatched in the interest of bee health & safety and to stop the spread of transmittable bee diseases.

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A thick huge bag designed to keep up to 7 supers protected. we suggest you put a piece of cut carpet in the base of the bag before putting your supers/brood boxes inside to avoid tearing the bag. If you do tear it, just use gaffer tape to mend.