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Vintage Burgess & Son Beekeeping Honey Bottling Tank-Straining Clearing Honey


Here we have one Vintage ‘Burgess and Son Manufactures Exeter’ Beekeeping Honey Bottling Tank for Honey Settling/Ripening with Strainer.

Burgess and Son Manufactures Exeter were premier manufacturers of beekeeping equipment in their day. This is a piece of rare English beekeeping history. Comes with the original brass metal insignia plate bearing the makers name.

The unit comprises of the bottom base tank with tap and one insert strainer unit with lid. Three pieces in total.

This rare vintage tank is used, shows signs of wear and tear as it would being a working piece of equipment. See photos for condition. Great for beekeeping museum, corporate event, film set, farm shops, honey market stalls, window display

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The term ‘Vintage‘ refers to an item that is approximately 20 years old or older. Estimated age may be given based on the item’s appearance and the information we currently hold on the item’s history.

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