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WBC Cottage Beehive – Grey, Pitched Roof – 1930s

This is still a very popular 1930s Cottage beehive that served beekeepers well throughout the UK. What you see are the outer lifts. If you intend to keep bees you will need inner boxes. Material-Made of pine Contains: 1x Roof, 1x lift, 1x porch, 1 x floor/stand. £95 per day, Deduced rate for weekly rentals. Refundable deposit of £595.00 when beehive is returned, conditions apply. We have one available for hire in this style.

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We have a large collection of Vintage Beekeeping items that can be rented.

We have catered in the past for: PR Events companies, TV and Film companies, Theatre prop dressers. Also private clients staging weddings, birthdays, flower shows to name but a few.

Please contact the shop if you wish to discuss what we can provide. Below are photos and briefs on some of the props for hire.