Wooden Honey Dipper


The traditional honey spoon and a must have at the breakfast table to avoid messy drips everywhere. The spoon it kept in the honeypot of jar and is used to transfer the honey that is caught in the grooves from the container to the object your sweetening.

DO NOT put it in the food source or use it to stir with. Only to transfer the honey. This way you keep your dipper and your honey clean of any foreign matter. A slight turning motion as you raise it out of the container will catch the drip before it falls. Stop the motion once you have the dipper over your food source and it will begin to drip, drizzle it about as needed. To stop the drip, twist it again catching the dripping tail. Do not put it in a dishwasher, lightly rinse it off once in a while. It must be completly dry before putting it back in your honey. Too much water makes honey ferment (go bad).

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