Traditional Hand Sign Writing- Keeping It Alive

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We commissioned a new temporary shop frontage sign for the entrance to our London shop. Building works are taking place next door and will last for the next few months. So to screen off that work we have had a large panel made and hand sign written.

The artist Diana Furlong is a wealth of information. She is one of those rare people that I could listen to for days. Her knowledge of painting, the arts and the history of sign writing is amazing.

We arrange to meet at the shop to discuss the outline and look of the sign. After much time, sample fonts, images, we agreed the final look and Diana awaited our delivering the huge burgundy painted panel (our official company shop colour). We were shown her tools of the trade and she explained the procedures that would take place. It was all hands on, time consuming work with the final result an enormous pleasure to look at. Unlike modern laser graphics that are mass produced, this method lends itself to a more gentle feel of days gone by. It was lovely that we had the opportunity to commission a work of art such as this. Visitors to The Hive Honey Shop will be able to admire this work for the next few months, after which it will be taken down and relocated to our bee farm.

New-Sign-3-WEB New-Sign-2-WEB

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