2023 LIVE BEES NUC for sale- keep your own bees

We have a limited number of healthy, honey gathering, calm honeybee Nucs to fit National Hives and Langstroth Hives for sale this year. You need to call us and reserve your nuc slot. We answer your questions and confirm which style hive you want the frames to fit.

Available on a first come first serve basis.

Nuclei: A small bee family (beekeepers call them a “Nuc”) Locally bred  (Surrey UK) Buckfast strain starter colony.

Supplied on either 5 National Frames covered with bees or 5 Langstroth Frames covered with bees- you choose.


  • 1 x Laying Buckfast Queen
  • Healthy Brood in all stages of development
  • Honey and pollen

We take orders for nucleus colonies, contact us 02079246233 today!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: On pick up from Bee Heaven Farm, Tadworth Surrey KT20 6RH, you will bring your protective beesuit, gloves etc. as we will open your nuc, examine all the frames for healthy brood, eggs, open & sealed brood and a lovely marked Queen. Once satisfied with the nuc you will sign our LIVE BEE COLONY CONTRACT RELEASE FORM and you are free to take them to their new home. Once ordered your sale is final with no refunds issues as we make each nuc bespoke on request.