As British beekeepers our whole family work together to bring you quality British honeys as nature intended. We really do all the process by hand. From bee to bottle, it never leaves our sight. We at The Hive Honey Shop™ Est 1992, keep it super simple, pure and fresh, that's my promise.

Our products are hand-made from start to finish.

Honey is very similar to fine wines. Honey comes in many colours, flavours and can improve with age. There are as many different honeys as there are flower species. Honey tastes and textures are bountiful if it is handled with great care.

The trick is to take the time to hunt for an abundance of flowers and time it just right with introducing the bees to those selected areas. What's exciting and rewarding for me is when I am able to capture a rare nectar and share it with others.

As a British bee farmer I look after all my own beehives at several beautiful apiary sites around the British countryside. I take my small  trailer load of beehives to specific floral areas which I hope will yield a certain type of honey. In this way I am able to offer a wide variety of limited single-floral honeys, for example,  Bell Heather, Lime Blossom, Hawthorn, Dark Summer honey. I also have single estate honeys from my Bee Heaven Farm in Surrey, home to over 200 Rare British Heritage apple varieties. So orchard blossom honey is on my list.



Once frames are removed from the beehives, the wax face of each comb is removed by hand, and placed in a traditional centrifugal extractor (no heat used) which spins the honey out.

We keep it simple!


The freshly spun honey is then filtered through fine muslin and decanted straight into the jar.

The honey maintains all its aromatic oils, body, texture and fine flavour because it has not been homogenised or damaged by intense heat. It remains a live food, unharmed and therefore retaining its therapeutic properties.


Cosmetics and ointments are prepared by using a lush blend of fresh herbs and the finest honeybee ingredients.

Many of our most popular products are created from secret Edwardian recipes.

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