2023 Locally Bred Buckfast Mated Queen Bees for sale

This year we have a few extra queen bees that we have decided to offer for sale. A small limited number-so bee quick!

  • 1 x Laying Buckfast Queen locally bred in Surrey UK.
  • Comes in a queen travelling/introduction cage with attendants & fondant for the journey!
  • Price includes our marking your queen bee with a paint dot on her thorax if you like. Just let us know.
  • We will dispatch your Queen Bee once her health & vigour have been assessed. We make sure she’s laying well before posting.


We will send your queen in the post by Royal Mail Next Day -Sign For- Special Delivery Service So you must be home to take delivery once we agree the date of dispatch with you. All liability transfers to the buyer on delivery which is the first delivery attempt made by Royal Mail to the delivery address. As your Queen Bee is a living animal it will require you to act quickly & responsibly once she arrives. You can also pick up your Queen Bee from us if you prefer.

Once you purchase your Queen Bee via our website we will contact you by return to discuss posting dates, times etc. Call 02079246233 your order or order online https://t.ly/cyFA