Imagine Looking Up And Seeing 50,000 bees!!

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Residents in Wandsworth SW11 were shocked and suprised when walking out of their flat and looking up to see 50,000 buzzing bees just inches above their heads! 
Time to call The Hive Honey Shop!!
For the past 25 years The Hive Honey Shop have been rescuing bees without harm and relocating them to the peaceful countryside where they can live out their lives safe from injury.
” We work with the public and ask that they contact us if they have any bee problems. We have been campaigning for years about the need to protect bees & butterflies. We are continuously in talks with councils and pest control companies asking that they adopt a -NO KILL Policy. Happily we can report that our efforts are paying off, word is spreading and many companies have come on board, refusing to kill bees, passing on the referrals to beekeepers instead. We are so relieved to hear this and will continue to work hard in educating Londoners and the rest of the UK about the importance of safeguarding our bees.”
The bees in the photos were carefully removed and rehoused. The flat owners had only just moved in that day. They went out to get a paper, returned and there they were. They were very happy to say goodbye to us and the bees.