James and the Wild Honey Hunters

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I was really interested  to see that my original film concept of the last 12 years appeared in the form of ‘Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters, BBC1. I have spoken to so many corporate and freelance film makers over the last decade trying to convince them to tell the story of The Honey Hunters of Nepal, after my trek there in 1996, sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Scholarship Trust.

I worked in the same village, with the very same head beekeeper (now in his seventies). I documented the entire trek, beekeeping traditions and methods in ten hours of personal film footage, interviews and stills. I brought back original native Apis Ceranabeehives, log beehives, hand made cliff honey hunting tools and more.
I was so thrilled to see how well filmed the documentary was. It was beautiful to watch and well portrayed. It was encouraging to see that nothing had changed in the last twelve years. It was like time had stood still. All the images brought back to life my wonderful experience and friendships that I formed there.
The original Nepalese honey hunting tools and hives are on display at The Hive Honey Shop for public viewing each day.
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