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Langstroff Hive-Pitched Roof

This is still a very popular Cottage beehive that served beekeepers well throughout the UK. Material-Made of pine Contains: 1x Roof with brown wooden titles, 2x Honey Boxes, 1 x Floor/Stand. £95 per day each, Deduced rate for weekly rentals. Refundable deposit of £595.00 when beehive is returned, conditions apply. We have twenty available for hire in this style.



We have a large collection of Vintage Beekeeping items that can be rented.

We have catered in the past for: PR Events companies, TV and Film companies, Theatre prop dressers. Also private clients staging weddings, birthdays, flower shows to name but a few.

Please contact the shop if you wish to discuss what we can provide. Below are photos and briefs on some of the props for hire.