HayfeGUARD®-LOCAL HONEY & POLLEN. Have Hayfever? It’s OK.

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Do you think you may react to pollen in the air? It’s OK-Bee pollen is different. Why not try a delicious and wholesome honey pollen formulation. High protein pro pollen plus. Be Allergy Ready!

We make a super all natural food-HayfeGUARD®, Set Honey, Pollen & Royal Jelly! A mixture of London & Country honey to maximise the pollen varieties, packed with more pollen and fresh Royal Jelly. No artificial colours or preservatives are added. This is not a medicine. This is a natural food collected by the bees.

Wholesome Honey In A Pot!

We use our fresh local, unpasturised and coarse filtered honey, adding thousands of pollen grains & fresh royal jelly. Supermarket honey will not be the same, as many heat treat the honey, killing the pollen, and most likely the honey is sourced from outside the UK. This is a hard set honey as we do not pasteurise the honey.

Serving Suggestions: one teaspoon per day over cereal, on toast,in muesli, yoghurt, in smoothies or you can eat it straight from the pot! Avoid hot drinks as this can harm the pollen. Note: This honey is a live food and may vary in texture runny/set throughout the year. It is normal that some pollen may float to the top, simply mix if so desired.

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Q) I have hayfever. When should I take it and how often?
A) Order as soon as possible (before symptoms appears or even during is fine) take continuously throughout until the end of October or until plants stop producing flowers.

Q) What is the shelve life of hayfeguard? And what is the taste like?
A) HayfeGUARD has a 1 year shelf life once opened, 3 years unopened. It tastes great! It has a rich, full flavour, not too sweet. Most people eat it straight from the pot!

This honey is NOT pasteurised. We use special artisan hand cold extraction methods to ensure your honey retains its vitamin, pollen and health benefits.

There are NO added sugars, added water, added colourings, added flavourings added preservatives. This is 100% English honeybee honey with English Local Pollen- direct from British beekeepers.  We are the Original London honey shop established 1992-The Hive Honey Shop, beekeepers since 1924.

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27 reviews for HayfeGUARD®-LOCAL HONEY & POLLEN. Have Hayfever? It’s OK.

  1. Michael

    Hayfeguard really works. I take it twice a day and noticed I don’t have hayfever anymore. I stand by this product and hope others give it a go!

  2. Rupert

    This cured my hayfever. I am working in the UK from abroad and developed hayfever for the first time in my life. I tried everything and only got a short period of relief so as a last resort I tried this. Really Amazing. I highly recommend it -thanks The Hive!

  3. VitaminDdeficient (verified owner)

    I can’t honestly say if my hayfever has improved because of the strange June weather or the pollen count or because the season was miraculously short – or if the tub of honey I bought a month ago has done the trick! All I can say is that I started taking a teaspoon of HayfeGuard honey twice a day at the height of the grass season and my sore itchy eyes nose and throat quickly abated…and the sneezing has all but stopped! The same goes for my 11 year old daughter. Result!!

  4. Louise

    This has saved me! I cannot believe my hayfever is gone. So happy to find a natural way of stopping my hayfever.

  5. Ben

    I didn’t realise how much I needed this! It completely cured me after a month! I highly recommend it.

  6. Hayfever Sufferer

    I always top up with this honey in the winter. Found this helps keep my levels up and hayfever is less in the spring . I recommend you take it during winter months.

  7. Sheila

    This product is very good and service is excellent. Quick delivery everything was satisfactory and I intend to use this company again

  8. Alex96

    Keeping up my resistance with winter doses. Keeps me hay fever free in spring. Arrived in quick time thank you.

  9. Rosey

    Read Alex’s review-thanks for the reminder! I keep forgetting. My hayfever is early spring, so want to get ready early. Did work for me before. Recommended

  10. Zane (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing – it removes my normally horrendous hayfever symptoms. I think it works by getting your immune system used to the pollen, so that when you do encounter it, you don’t have a massive reaction to it. The one year I forgot to buy Hayfeguard and use it, my hayfever was terrible. After a week or so back on the Hayfeguard however, it went away again. This year I’m going to start taking it early: mid-Feb. Try it!

  11. Gorden

    Very prompt and delivered well packed. Highly recommend this company. Gorden

  12. Clara Roberts

    Excellent customer service. I had questions about using the product and they replied to my emails very quickly with concise information. Vey helpful and I am using this honey to reduce my hayfever this season.

  13. Thomas Whyte

    4th year of using this fantastic, completely drug free and delicious honey product. It works so well. Have suggested this to many of my friends and family who also swear by it! Have not needed any antihistamines.

  14. Shane McGregor

    Thank you Hayfeguard for helping me with my hayfever!!! And it tastes great too. Best ever remedy!

  15. jim

    I suffer from low blood sugar attacks. I’m a builder and when I push myself they can come on, like I’m about to black out. I found this product and it works quickly for me, under a minute and I feel it fading away and feel much better. I carry a pot with me. Recommend for anyone else out there that gets these kind of attacks coming on.I take one to two teaspoon when I feel it coming on.

  16. Naomi Schneider

    Best ever hayfever remedy. I am so grateful it exists. No more antihistamines. I love it!

  17. Sangeeta Pashar

    Thank you to my brother who gave me hayfeguard for my hay fever: it works so well. This will be my go to from now on. It tastes lovely too. Any hay fever sufferers out there: give this product a go!

  18. Michael B

    WHAT A FIND!!!! Really helped my hayfever!! Why have I not heard of this before. Spread the word. Thanks again Brilliant Stuff!!!

  19. Caroline Robertson

    This has cured my hayfever through 2 pregnancies. I’ve been unable to take my usual prescription grade antihistamines while expecting but I doubt I’ll go back and will instead use this honey each spring as I find it to be more effective. Disclaimer warning, the product doesn’t work properly if heated as that breaks down the bee pollen, so don’t add to tea or hot toast but otherwise it is infallible and I highly recommend.

  20. Jennifer Carrucan

    Best hayfever remedy ever!!!!

  21. zoritoler imol

    Good info. Lucky me I reach on your website by accident, I bookmarked it.

  22. Ricky Knight

    Great Stuff!!! Really works well. Thank you honey people!!

  23. Raymond Kitt

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! My son 8yrs very pleased and likes the taste. Pot lasts a long time at one teaspoon per day.

  24. Rupinda Aranash

    Short and sweet: it really work!

  25. Mannya Shopack

    Quick dispatch, incredible product, well packaged

  26. Justin K

    ANYONE ELSE SNEEZING- ITS JANUARY!! I took this honey pollen mix about 3 years ago and it worked. Stocking up now. Glad to see you still going after Covid closed down so many small businesses. Thanks for this great remedy honey people.

  27. lucy delmar

    Getting many as Xmas gifts this year. Worked so well for me this year. I recommend taking during winter ready for spring.

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